we have 6 intern doctors who are the backbone of our hospital

Kerry Dyson

Kerry Dyson

Dr. Kerry Dyson was born in England but raised in White Rock, British Columbia. As a youth she spent a considerable amount of time in the rural Thompson-Okanagan riding and competing with reining horses, as well as learning how to care for her equine companions. Dr. Dyson studied Biology at the University of British Columbia in Kelowna, BC, where she was active in fundraising for both equine and canine rescues as the Vice President of the UBCO Veterinary Club. Throughout her undergrad she worked as a small animal veterinary technician part-time, which solidified her goal of pursuing veterinary medicine as a career. Dr. Dyson received her veterinary degree from Massey University in New Zealand, where she followed the equine specialty track. While in New Zealand she split her free time between working on various beef, dairy, and sheep farms, as well as the numerous outdoor activities the country is known for- including whitewater rafting and hiking. Following her month-long externship at Moore Equine in 2020, she was impressed with the standard of care and the involvement interns had in the management of each patient, and decided to pursue her internship in Calgary. Now home in Canada, Dr. Kerry Dyson looks forward to reacquainting herself with the Moore Equine community, and enjoying everything Alberta has to offer with her husband, cats, and border collie.



Each year we take six interns, and the internship program is just over a year in length (starting ~June 15th). Applications are due by October 15th of each year. 

Philosophy of the Internship

The internship program aims to provide a broad exposure to equine practice. As Moore Equine is a busy practice, our interns are the heart of the practice and are vital to providing excellent veterinary care. We provide interns with a nurturing, supportive and challenging environment that will allow them to advance their veterinary skills and build confidence. It is our aim that upon completion of the internship they will be very skilled equine practitioners and will be excellent candidates for residency application if desired. We have had on average 1-2 interns a year enter a residency program in surgery, medicine, sports medicine, reproduction, and anesthesia directly from our internship program. 

Internship Duties

Our interns rotate through surgery, medicine, appointments (lameness), ambulatory/anesthesia, south clinic (rehab/repro), and night shift on a weekly schedule. Interns assist the veterinarians in appointments, surgeries, and emergencies. Interns are assigned to in-hospital cases, with monitoring and care of these patients as a high priority. Interns scrub in on surgeries and assist the board-certified surgeons. Interns receive training in anesthesia, and then during the year rotate through with the technicians to cover after-hours emergencies (generally just on long weekends). Once trained in anesthesia the focus of the weekly anesthesia rotation is shifted to ambulatory appointments. There is the opportunity for interns to spend time at the reproductive centre with the board-certified veterinarian there if desired. Within the first few months interns have gained enough experience that they can start taking the daytime emergencies in on their own with a veterinarian as a backup. Interns are responsible for nighttime treatment of in-hospital cases and taking in/assisting with nighttime emergencies on their nights and weekends on call. Stall rounds and journal/topic rounds are aimed to increase the intern’s knowledge base. The internship is affiliated with the University of Calgary and thus interns attend grand rounds where they present cases (once a month), assist with teaching labs (4 times in the year), and have the opportunity to do a research project. Our interns do work hard but have an exceptional opportunity to be involved in all facets of equine practice.

Application Process

If you are interested in the internship program we encourage you to come for an externship to give us a chance to meet you and for you to see the practice.

Required: Letter of Intent, Curriculum Vitae, Three Letters of Reference, Veterinary School Transcripts (un-official accepted)


To apply for an Internship, please send the required documents to internship@mooreequine.ca

We will accept applications until October 15th for the following year, at which time we will make decisions and contact applicants.

Dr. Jennifer Fowlie
Internship Director
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Our internship program is affiliated with the University of Calgary, such that our interns attend grand rounds and assist with teaching labs. Interns have the option to design and carry out a research project with UCVM support during their internship.
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