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Throughout the year we take veterinary students for 2-4 week long externships.

Philosophy of the Externship

The externship aims to provide a broad exposure to equine practice. As Moore Equine is a busy private practice, it provides a great learning opportunity. Externs are generally very busy, and involved in all facets of daily activities and after hours care. We strive to provide opportunity for externs to practice some basic skills (ie NG intubation, catheter placement etc), and be involved in case discussion. It is also our aim that upon completion of the externship, externs will have a good idea of what our internship program offers, and can pursue an internship application if desired.

Externship Duties

Extern students are expected to assist with daytime and after hours appointments, emergencies and in hospital treatments. This involves assisting with treating and monitoring of in-hospital cases, following along with appointments, and watching/occasionally scrubbing in to surgeries. It is quite common that externs have long busy days, and busy nights as well, however we feel that it offers a concentrated exposure to equine practice, and many different types of cases.

Application Process

We accept applications for externships year round. Please apply below. 

Sarah Freedman
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