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Fall Hindlimb Lameness Diagnostics & Therapies

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2-Day Wetlab: Equine Hindlimb Lameness Diagnostics (incl. Objective Lameness Evaluation) & Therapies
8-9th November 2019 • Moore Equine Veterinary Centre, Calgary, AB
Introducing our speakers…

Roger Smith                                         Wes Sutter                                          Deborah Sieber
MA, VetMB, PhD,                                   DVM, MS,                                            BVetMed
DEO, Dipl.ECVS,                                   Dipl.ACVS
ECVDI Assoc., MRCVS                                      


NOV 2019


This two-day practical course has been developed for equine veterinarians who have experience with lameness investigations and provides a critical overview of possible causes of hindlimb lameness, diagnostic anaesthetic strategies and how to interpret nerve and joint block results, via a regio-anatomic approach.   Discussions on the upper hindlimb as a cause of lameness (hip joint, pelvic and sacroiliac problems), objective lameness evaluationand on systemic and intra-articular joint therapies will round the course off.


In the afternoonshours of practical and case-based sessions will give attendees plenty of opportunity to put theory into practice on live horses and limb specimens in small groups (2 – 4 people per ultrasound machine) and to discuss all aspects of Hindlimb Lameness diagnostics and therapeutics with the specialists.   Each attendee will be rotating through the following practical stations: Subjective lameness examination; Objective lameness evaluation (Equinosis Q – Lameness Locator);  Nerve & joint blocks (incl. ultrasound-guidance); Ultrasound of the metatarsus, tarsus or stifle joint (region chosen by each group individually);  2 hours of clinical cases evaluated via subjective and objective gait analysis.