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“Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men”- John F. Kennedy

Be honest. Would you say that you are as intelligent as a fencepost? To be a good horse trainer that’s how intelligent you need to be. If you go to many old, traditional, ranches, you will often find a fencepost in the middle of their round corral. The Duke of Newcastle recommended a school with two fenceposts, the “pillars”. It’s been known for centuries that a fencepost ...

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Client Seminar Presentations

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Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in our Client Seminar last Saturday, we had a fantastic turnout!

If you were unable to attend please feel free to download PDF versions of the presentations.

Young Horse Care by Dr Corbeil

Equine Vaccines by Dr Stanton

Parasite Control by Dr Stanton

Emergencies by Dr Fowlie

Myths Vs Truths by Dr Berezowski

Dentistry by Dr Lockhart

Emerging Diseases by Dr McDonald

Geriatric Care by Dr Cook



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